We strive to build self-esteem in naturally beautiful young ladies & to help them reach their full potential in a positive, fun-filled environment. We invite you to become part of a professional organization that will give your child the opportunity to develop stage presence, a healthy competitive attitude, good sportsmanship, & lifelong friendships, all while discovering her own inner beauty. Every girl deserves the chance to dazzle like the diamond she is, & the Dazzling Dolls Pageant staff is ready to help her shine!

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Dazzling Dolls



Jacy Carpenter and her mother, Sandra Robinson, have always had a passion for pageantry. They were inspired to start a natural pageant system, where contestants would be judged on criteria such as confidence, personality, & uniqueness, as opposed to facial beauty. The Dazzling Dolls Beauty Pageant does not require contestants to pile on makeup and look artificial. We want young girls to embrace who they truly are! Our pageant is located in O' Fallon, IL , but we invite families from all over to participate.

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